• I am a TICA  breeder, and all my catz are TICA Registered!  They hold me to a higher standard, but more importantly, I hold myself to a higher standard.  I got into this, not to make bank, but to be the kind of breeder that I would want to do business with.  I take a lot of pride in that!


Savannahs are an incredible new hybrid breed of cat.  They are the result of breeding an African Serval cat to a domestic cat.  (thank-U, Patrick Kelly!)  The accepted out-cross breeds are the Egyptian Mau, the domestic Shorthair, and of course the beloved Savannah....  that is how we roll!  Originally they started with a Siamese. But it is not as easy as it sounds.  For 1 thing the Serval will only breed with about 1 in 100 domestic catz...  very picky!  Also, they tend to have smaller litters.  AND the male Savannah is sterile until about the 5th or 6th generation,   The gestation time is different for the Serval and the Domestic....  a Serval will be about 75 days and a domestic is about 65 days, which can result in pre-mature births.   They are a balance of beauty and grace...  totally athletic catz.  They can jump like no ones business!  The only place mine can't get to is the big ceiling fan, in the middle of the room with vaulted ceilings...  and they are THINKING about how to do that!  They can easily be taught to fetch, even young kittens can be trained for that.  Many of them love water...  mine have wading poolsl  Many can be trained to walk on a leash.    I have some that I don't even crate to bring to the vets office.   Many of mine LOVE to go on vacation with me....  they love the RV, and the whole adventure of it!   My catz enjoy having access to a 1000 sq ft screened in shady porch, as well as access to my home.   These are defiantly high energy catz, and will steal your heart!  I come with a lot of references...  like everyone who ever got one of my kittens, and people who know the situation here....  as well as my vet.   When I take them up town, well they get by with anything...  I have had people spot my catz from 2 stories down....  first they sigh....  then they make a bee-line upstairs to see them.  I have taken them in stores...   wondering if we will be asked to leave...  instead the manager and others will come up and ask if they can take a picture, and the camera's come out!   Some of mine like riding in the car.  These guys are like the smartest dog you ever saw!   And are smarter than your average cat, as well.  If you ever get one of these guys, be prepared to lose your heart to them!